Let’s face it, sometimes we’re all just a little too busy to complete home maintenance as often as we should.

Our homes are usually our greatest asset and unfortunately we tend to let simple home maintenance and repairs fall by the wayside, creating even larger issues when left unattended. Believe it or not, following these 10 simple steps will help keep the handyman away, saving you hundreds, maybe even thousands of dollars in the long run.

  1. Maintain your HVAC system with regular servicing and filter changes.
  2. Flush your hot water heating system on a yearly basis, including the pressure relief valve.
  3. Clean out vent line from your clothes dryer at least once a year and vacuum the coil on your refrigerator. It uses up to 15% of your homes electricity and can save you $$$ buy keeping it clean.
  4. Make sure that your gutters and down spouts are clear and are extended from your foundation. Test sump pumps on a regular basis by lifting the float.
  5. Before the first frost, make sure that all hoses are disconnected on the outside of your house and if you have valves to the outside that they are closed and faucets are opened to drain residual water.
  6. Make sure to operate ALL valves in your house at least every 4-6 months to make sure that they are in working order if ever needed. Make sure to run water into drains in areas not used frequently.
  7. Have your water tested and treated if necessary. Broken pipes due to bad/hard water make up close to 32% of insurance claims totaling $400-$500 million annually.
  8. Use frozen vinegar ice cubes to not only clean your disposal, but they will also sharpen the blades. Acidic fruits are also a big help with odors.
  9. Inspect fire extinguishers and test smoke/carbon monoxide detectors regularly. Test garage sensors and closing pressure.
  10. Keep vines, bushes and branches clear from your foundation and above structure. They can/will find cracks and decrease its longevity.

If you are ever in need of someone to help with home maintenance or other home repairs, please contact Corey Gilmer of Gilmer’s Home Improvements by calling (610) 823-3857 or by visiting www.YourDreamSpace.net.