Are Your Windows Costing You Money?

Remember when our windows had a second set of panes commonly called storm windows?

Storm windows have gone the way of the dinosaur. There is a more “energy efficient” window on the market. This window is comprised of double-pane glass. Between the panes, argon gas is sealed to function as an insulator. If this seal fails, the argon escapes and air is able to flow freely between the panes. This may become noticeable when vapors become trapped between the panes and “fog up” your window.

If you find permanently fogged windows in your home, it is likely a location of energy transfer and IT’S COSTING YOU MONEY. Without the argon insulation, the window isn’t offering much in regards to your energy efficiency. Cold air is able to enter your home in the winter and hot air is likely entering in the summer, thus affecting your energy bill. Even if you don’t feel the energy loss with your hands, you may already be feeling it with your wallet.

Don’t lose sleep! This can be fixed without replacing the entire window. Your neighborhood handyman should be able to repair the window or refer someone for you.

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